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Interfaith Youth Alliance

Our Mission

IYA comes together to promote respect, understanding and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.

About IYA

The Interfaith Youth Alliance was established as an outgrowth of the successful Interfaith Youth Forum. It was evident from enthusiastic forum discussions that young people are seeking bonds with youth who represent faith and cultural traditions unlike their own. Composed of interfaith youth leaders from throughout Southern California, college and high school Students come together to gain the skills to not only plan a variety of activities that encourage interfaith understanding, respect and civility, but they also gain opportunities to share in best practices from each other their faith traditions.


Through our program students:

Formally known as New Vision Partners, The Interfaith Youth Alliance is now its own established 501(c)3.

Expand Ideas

IYA Members learn about different faith traditions’ rituals, music and prayers, and by doing so, find strength in their own faith by exploring similarities and differences of other belief systems.

Become Empowered

IYA Members learn how to run a meeting, make an agenda, and be a facilitator and how to make a presentation. They also learn the difference between dialogue and debate and the difference between presenting and facilitating. And much more…

Build Relationships

IYA Members meet teens from all over Orange County with diverse backgrounds and Faiths and enjoy good food and good times as they work together on meaningful projects.

Take Action

IYA Members plan and organize community service projects for the betterment of their communities. They are able to earn community service hours towards their graduation requirements and/or for inclusion in their college application.

Ways to Support Interfaith Youth Alliance

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