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interfaith engagement

Southern California’s leading youth engagement forum for interfaith dialogue, resources, and events

We are more than just a group of students

By fostering a safe a space for interfaith dialogue, we provide a pathway
for future leaders in our communities to lead with empathy, respect, and
understanding while empowering youth to find strength in their faith.
Interfaith Youth Alliance equips youth with the tools necessary to make
positive change in the local communities and future places of work.
Through providing leadership opportunities and educational forums, students learn about different cultures, beliefs, and traditions in experiential ways.

Interfaith Youth Alliance

The Interfaith Youth Alliance (formerly Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County was established as an outgrowth of the successful Interfaith Youth Forum. It was evident from enthusiastic forum discussions that young people are seeking bonds with youth who represent faith and cultural traditions unlike their own. Comprised of interfaith leaders from throughout Orange County, an adult Board of Directors was established to guide and help young adults plan a variety of activities that encourage interfaith understanding, respect, and civility.

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Interfaith Youth Alliance is a registered non-profit organization.

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